Some Dark Souls things! Whee! Look at the time! There is no friend like a crossdressing zombie pyromancer and his halberd in the bum martial arts. Oh and mashups too! Grossly incandescent! How many times have I killed this snake man? What if he gets repetitive boring death scurvy!? o:

(Oh look! Blurry! Click for no blurry and happiness)

(Travanj 23. 2014)

Girly girl blue doodles. :o Her hair is ice cream I think. Blue ice cream that tastes like hair. Feels like hair. Might actually be hair. Happy to think about ice cream. Terrifying choice between ice cream and hair. Hope never to be confronted by it. Unlikely in bedroom. There will be more doodles now for a long time! Byeee!!! 

Travanj 1. 2014